Sandra Ahn Mode

I'm landscape and travel photographer based in London UK.  Photography has been my creative outlet from the day I received a film camera at the age of 8.  Since then, I've travelled to over 50 countries collecting photographs along the way.  It's an expensive addiction, as I'm always chasing that high when you get to see something for the first time.  A visual feast I like to call it.  I also like to think that I somehow interpret that into my photographs.  It's not easy being a landscape photographer as the shots I want requires me to wake up at ungodly times of the day, hike of hours, and wait in uncomfortable temperatures to get that perfect light.  But for a great photo, I'll happily do it.

My recent clients include Maserati, DS Automobiles, Germany National Tourism, Bavaria Tourism, Samsung UK, Kodak UK, and Levis.